Jo Parkerson

Jo Parkerson

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Getting to Know Jo


Have you ever been star stuck by someone and who?

Johnny Depp when I first interviewed him for Sleepy Hollow. I'm a huge fan of his work but still wasn't prepared for his sheer beauty and charisma in the flesh – I blushed from head to toe! Madonna - probably my most terrifying celeb interview experience. Also most recently Angelina Jolie… who again is lovely but looks other worldly. 

What superhero would you be and why?

No Brainer… Cat Woman. Because she's a super cool, super hot baddy who you can't help but love. She's funny, mischievous and she runs rings around Batman. Also she wears a leather catsuit like no other and my Mum always says I've got cats eyes! 

What’s your biggest achievement?

My daughter and getting where I am today.