Angie Greaves

Angie Greaves

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Where is your favourite restaurant?

Mango Tree, Belgravia, it serves the best Thai food in London and the service is 100% so it’s win win all round. 

Have you ever been star stuck by someone and who?

I walked into a studio to make a phone call and saw Usain Bolt standing there and nearly fainted - all the Magic team laughed at me! 

Who are your biggest influences?

The Big O, Queen Oprah, she’s come from nowhere and is now a worldwide success. It must have been very hard to live the last 25 plus years in the public eye, with her relationship with Steadman Graham for all to see, and I love the way she doesn’t hide her very obvious battle with her weight. She accepts herself, warts and all, and acknowledges that all these things make up the whole person that she is.




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