Online listening outside the UK
New broadcast licensing rules have recently come into effect which requires radio station web-streams to be limited to the UK audience only. This is administered by checking your computer's IP address against a geographic database. IP addresses could be registered and/or routed anywhere, so the database may not be 100% accurate (especially for business users). If you are in the UK and still unable to listen online, please check your IP address (a number of sites will do this for you, such as, and let us know the result. We can then add it to the database as an exception. We can only reinstate listeners at home or at work, from within the UK, who have been excluded with the Geo-IP DB. For example, for home listeners who use AOL as their ISP - AOL regularly use non-UK IP addresses and as such will get blocked with Geo-IP system. Listeners from work usually get blocked because their proxy server is routed though non-UK IP address. Home listeners are advised to give us their IP address. Listeners from work are slightly different - you need to get your IT department to provide their company IP address(es).

What we cannot do is reinstate listeners from outside the UK. This contravenes the new PPL license.

General Vacancies
All opportunities in Magic 105.4 (and other companies within Bauer Media LTD) are advertised on, and in relevant publications. Please note - we do not accept unsolicited CV's.

How do I get into radio?
You'll find useful advice on 'Working In Radio' at

To make a request please:

• Text to 61054 (25p plus your standard network rate)
• Call the studio on 08 444 777 888 (call charged at local rate)
• Email through

We can't guarantee to play all requests but we try our hardest! Your best chance of getting a song on is Kim Wilde's Secret Songs and Rick Astley's Requests every Sunday and Gary Vincent's Requests every week day.

Magic TV
Magic 105.4 and Magic TV are owned and run by the same company (Bauer Media) and both offer feel good favourites twenty four hours a day. See for more information.

General queries can be sent to Ofcom (the government regulation authority) will investigate specific complaints about programmes & adverts; at and on 0845 456 3000. News items (and related queries) should be directed to Sky Radio News/IRN on 020 7585 4525.

How can I see 'now playing' information on my DAB radio?
You will need to make sure your settings are for scrolling text. You should be able to find the details in your manual. Check whether you can receive Magic by DAB at

Listening Online
Tune in to Magic 105.4 on the Magic myPlayer here

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