Oliver's Project

Magic 105.4’s Cash for Kids is pleased to launch a new project which aims to support children and young people either at risk of running away or already living on the streets of London.

There are more than 16,000 incidents of children and young people running away in London each year (1 Parents and Abducted Children Together (PACT), 2005). These children can face many dangers like assault, sexual abuse and sleeping-rough. Oliver’s project aims to be there for London’s young runaways whenever they need it.

With the generous support of Oliver! the Musical, Cash for Kids will set up Oliver’s Project.

Partnering Missing People and The Children’s Society, Oliver’s Project is developing a programme that will include

• A free text service for missing children providing support, specialist advice and provide the three-way calls that often enable children to take the first steps to returning home.

When the service was launched Missing People the first message received had just one word - 'help'. Sam, 13, had run away after being abused by his father. Sam said that no one cared and wanted to harm himself. Missing People cared. Missing People offered immediate support and found Sam a safe place to go in his local area. In the first week alone, the charity received more than 500 texts from young people just like Sam.

• Supporting an exciting new piece of work by The Children’s Society in Greenwich to help young people who run away from home. These children face the real and daily threat of danger, harm or exploitation.

As well as the direct and intensive support it will deliver for young runaways, The Children's Society will also provide:

- Young people and their families vital information ands support - including family mediation - to help them resolve their problems before it's too late.
- Outreach work in schools to talk about the dangers and risks of running away, delivered by young people with experience of going missing themselves.

• The new project will help young runaways in London who may be facing homelessness and at risk of serious abuse. It will also give young people the help they need to resolve their problems before they decide to run away, by providing family mediation support and deliver outreach work in schools.
Aspects of the work include:
a. Direct intervention and one2one work with young runaways
b. Family mediation support
c. Training young people to deliver outreach work in Schools

Thanks to the generous support of Cash for Kids and all their supporters, Missing People can be there for more missing children who are very vulnerable situations.

“We are here day and night as a lifeline when someone disappears and we could not do it without the support of Cash for Kids and all the listeners of Magic 105.4 – thank you!”

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